Abhinav Shukla aka Rajdeep of Silsila is TV’s ultimate bad boy!

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka (Sphere Origins) has been in the news since its launch for its unconventional story line. The show is about a happy couple Mauli and Kunal (Aditi Sharma and Shakti Arora respectively) and how Kunal and Nandini (Drashti Dhami; Mauli’s best friend) fall in love with each other. Recently, viewers saw a lovemaking scene between Kunal and Nandini, which left the audiences and critics furious.

The audience has appreciated the acting skills of Drashti Dhami, Shakti Arora, and Aditi Sharma. What has gone unnoticed is the stellar performance of Rajdeep, played by Abhinav Shukla. Abhinav portrays the bad guy in the show. He is a businessman and can do anything to achieve success, even if it means putting his wife Nandini’s respect at stake.

Abhinav has done his homework on his character, and despite his wedding taking place recently, did not hesitate about gaining some extra kilos for his role. On more than one occasion, his co-actor and friend Drashti was seen requesting the audiences to not hate Abhinav for his role, ensuring that people don’t typecast him.

Abhinav’s character Rajdeep brings a dose of laughter and humour to the show. His smirks, his expressions, witty one-liners are to watch out for. Silsila is a dark, intense, and dramatic show, and Rajdeep brings a unique freshness to the daily.

Gone are the days when audiences used to hate the actor for their grey characters. We love Abhinav regardless of whether he is portraying a good character or an evil one!

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