Acting makes me happy: Bhoomika Mirchandani

Bhoomika Mirchandani, known for her role in “Krishna Chali London”, says she finds negative stories more inspiring. She takes it as a constant reminder to not commit those mistakes in her life. “I feel negative stories inspire me more than positive ones, because by watching them I learn that I should not make such mistakes. So that is something that inspires me,” she said.

Bhoomika shared that she enjoyed every moment of the lockdown and said, “I was working out regularly and took care of my diet as well. I had amazing home cooked food. It just felt nice to be with my mom.” Not just that she also kept herself busy by watching her favourite Disney movies, and she is currently enjoying popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

Bhoomika made her small screen debut with “Krishna Chali London” in 2018. She said that she was always very confident about her acting skills but got to know about her love for the craft only after she entered the show. “I did not enter the industry because I had good looks or something. I was very confident about my acting skills and that’s why I chose this career. But I got to know about my love for acting only after I became an actor and worked in ‘Krishna Chali London’. It’s a fun job. Though you get only a little rest in between the scenes, it’s overall very entertaining. acting makes me happy,” she said.

Sharing her experience of facing the camera for the first time, Bhoomika said, “‘Krishna Chali London’ was my first show. While doing the pilot episode I was very confident in front of the camera, and my role was just a cameo, but I was so confident that they made me the lead negative role.” Bhoomika was famous for her catchphrase “Ambe maiya!” in the show and said it was the highlight of the show for her. “The highlight was my character’s ‘Ambe maiya!’ phrase which I say in more than 10 different ways. It was the best part about my character, and even the audience enjoyed it thoroughly,” she signed off.

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