Actress Shubhaavi Choksey breaks all stereotypes about colorism, and weight-shaming, in latest social media post

Actress Shubhaavi Choksey who’s known for her roles in iconic television shows like Kasautii Zindagi Kayy 2, Kyukii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, and more, has always put up inspirational posts to encourage her fans to accept who they are and be comfortable in their own skin. In her latest social media post, the actress jotted down a few lines that can easily inspire you, and boost your confidence.

She wrote, “Some people said that it is the colour of my skin that makes me look beautiful”,“Some said that I have put on weight and have big arms”,“Some even said that I shouldn’t experiment with my looks, I should be safe !” This post is especially for SOME OF THOSE GUYS: I have made myself shades darker and I don’t think anything has changed on my face.. It is not the colour of your skin but the colours in your heart & mind that truly makes you beautiful; Yes I am human and my weight will keep fluctuating but honestly, style is not about the size but the way you carry yourself; And I will not stop experimenting, I can go wrong with my choices and looks but what’s the point of always being right and trying to be safe and perfect ??

In the digital age where most public figures only showcase the best version of themselves on the internet, it’s easy for one to feel ‘not enough’. But Shubhaavi’s post has contributed towards turning the tide and encouraging the fans to be more accepting of themselves and to embrace their flaws.

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