Aditi Bhatia INTRODUCES US to Krishna Mukherjee’s boyfriend

It feels like life has come to a standstill with the 21-days of lockdown.

However, We are making sure to bring to its readers all the minutest updates and fresh news brewing in the world of TV, Bollywood and the OTT platform.

Well, along with print, our social birds are equally keeping our viewers engaged with exciting live sessions with popular celebrities.

We recently went live with Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame Krishna Mukherjee who spoke in brief on how she is spending time on being quarantine. She also spilled some beans about her future plans. Soon, things got exciting when Krishna’s good friend and actress Aditi Bhatia joined in the live session!

A reporter asked Krishna to reveal one misconception that people have about her. Aditi commented, “There is a misconception that Krishna doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

This comment of Aditi left Krishna shocked and the fans started asking Krishna about this special person. However, Aditi soon revealed that she is her boyfriend.

Well, Aditi and Krishna are very good friends and ex co-stars. So such banter are a part and parcel of healthy friendship. What say?

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