Bigg Boss 13 : Finally Shehnaaz changes her bed

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaz Gil finally decides to change her bed. There has been many conversations between Sidharth and Shehnaz’ bed changing situation in the past.

Now, Shehnaz has decided that she will sleep separately and moves her blankets and pillows. She is unable to take any more insults and doesn’t want to get hurt. Sidharth, who was sleeping on the bed while Shehnaz changed her bed, doesn’t react.

Asim advices Shehnaaz that she shouldn’t go back to Siddarth, as now it’s come on herself respect.

Shehnaz goes and sits with Rashami. Rashami tells her that she is acting very possessively and she shouldn’t act like that. Sidharth doesn’t like such person because he himself is very possessive.

He feels like Rashami goes on to reveal that during their show (Dil Se Dil Tak), they used to have small fights initially because of his possessiveness. Later, when they became good friends, she started to understand him.

Rashami calls Sidharth a baby in a man’s body.

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