Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi defends mocking Salman Khan

Punjabi singer and “Bigg Boss 13” contestant Himanshi Khurana’s video mocking superstar Salman Khan’s gesture of entering the house and washing utensils has gone viral in the virtual world. Now, the Punjabi singer has come forward to defend her remarks, claiming that media twisted her statement.

Himanshi recently made news when a video went viral on the Internet in which Himanshi is seen mocking Salman’s act of washing the dishes.

In the video, Himanshi is seen getting a manicure. When the person with camera asked her about her nails, she said that her nails got ruined after washing dishes in the “Bigg Boss” house.

Then the person, who is making the video, responded to her saying that even Salman washed dishes in the show recently.

To this, Himanshi said: “Dhoyega hi (He will have to do). He is gets Rs 600 crore to (for the show)”.

Later in the video, there is a conversation between Himanshi and the person with the camera, regarding Salman’s income.

Now, Himanshi has reacted to the video on her Twitter.

Through a series of tweets, she said that she made Salman point as a joke, and not a jibe. She also claimed that the interviewer wanted her to call Salman “a biased host” as she helped Shehnaaz Gill but not her during her captaincy. She said that she has said nothing wrong and did not even have intentions of doing so.

“I was in nail bar last evening, I said mere nail khraab ho gye bartan kr the video senior media reporter said Salman did dishes ……I said dhoyega hi paise liye hai …uski job hai aise host .ye hi chapa tha na apne articles me web portal pe, sarcastic taunt to that man,” she wrote.

The singer continued: “Because woh interview me puchne wala tha apki capacity me koi nahi aya ..shenaz ki me he came did everything, he asked me is Salman Khan biased? ..or jab bhi koi media article likhte hai koi bhi .. ji or sir ka use nahi krte to unke hi likhe sentence ko Maine bola..go get life haters

“I didn’t say anything wrong media person wanted me to say he is biased….. he is not that is his job he is host of the show he took money …. or waise bhi Jisko daant prti hai woh bahar logo acha dikh raha to acha hi hai or daante…….so haters go get life kuch or leke aaao.”

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