Bigg Boss 13’s Mahira Sharma reveals how her skin got burnt in one task

Mahira Sharma is a popular face of the Telly world. She was recently seen as a contestant in the famous reality television series, Bigg Boss 13.

The Bigg Boss 13 contestant recently revealed that her skin got burnt in one task. While talking to Zoom Digital, Mahira opened up on her experience and how a certain incident ruined her skin in the Bigg Boss 13 house. She shared, “During one task in Bigg Boss, my skin was so severely damaged, I was in shock due to it. There was a task in which a lot of things were put on my skin including bleach, because of which my skin was burned. It started peeling off literally.”

She added, “Every five days, doctors used to come into the house for the treatment. It was a very bad situation to be in. Once I was out of the Bigg Boss house, I got the treatment for it. It is better now.”

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