Bigg Boss 14: Abhinav Shukla refrains wife Rubina from dramatising her fight with Arshi Khan, READ!

The previous night’s (January 5) episode of Bigg Boss 14 had Rubina Dilaik and Arshi Khan involved in an ugly war of words not just once but multiple times during the whole day. While the former called the latter ‘fake’ and had also warned her to not talk about her ‘aukaat’ and family, the latter threatened her of ruining her pride before leaving the house.

Arshi went on to say that her pride in her work would get destroyed when she won’t get any work after Bigg Boss.

Both the contestants had gotten into another fight during the day wherein while Rubina had called Arshi a ‘joke’, the latter replied, saying that the former is an ‘insult’ in herself.

Later, Nikki Tamboli asked Rubina if she is not happy because Arshi is poking her continuously. To which, the latter replied and said that she is torturing me to the limits.

Rubina further talked about how she is answering back every time that Arshi tries to instigate a fight. She stated that if she doesn’t do that, then whatever she is saying might look like the ultimate truth, which is not the case.

Abhinav Shukla entered between Rubina and Nikki’s discussion and asked Rubina to stop talking about all this as she is looking like a ‘cry baby’ now. An agitated Rubina replied, “I am a cry baby because I am unhappy.”.

However, Abhinav’s advice didn’t go well with Rubina such that she stated that she cannot stop and doesn’t mind looking like a cry baby. To this, an angry Abhinav said, “Tum sunti nahi ho tumhara ye problem hai. Tumhe pata hi nahi hai kisey advice leni hai kisey nahi (Your problem is that you don’t listen. And you don’t even know whose advice to take and whose not to).”. “You are sounding like you are highly affected by that person.”, he added.

Rubina further accepted the truth that she got affected and that she cannot be crafted, because of which she will be a ‘cry baby’.

Abhinav further advised her to not get that affected and said, “Just ease up a little.”.

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