Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin at LOGGERHEADS

Bigg Boss 14 is currently one of the most popular shows. The reality show is now almost a week away from the grand finale. Tonight’s episode will see Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin at loggerheads with each other during a task. It will lead them to say some very unpleasant things to each other.

The teaser sees how the contestants continue with the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task and cross all limits while doing so. Aly threatens everyone that if he gets out, he’d make sure the task is nulled and no one gets a chance to go ahead.

This makes Rubina argue with Aly and Jasmin joins in, taking the latter’s side. Rubina asks her to shut up and calls her an ‘ugly mouth woman’. To this, Jasmin also tells her, ‘You are an ugly woman top to toe.” Rubina tells Jasmin to keep her jealousy to herself. She says, ‘You are spilling your unhappiness on Aly as well.’ Jasmin gives it back to Rubina by telling her, ‘Aap Aly ki chinta karne se pehle apne pati ki karo (Before getting worried about Aly, think about your husband). Rubina’s sister Jyotika comes to her defense and shares she knows everything that Jasmin has said publicly against Rubina. Meanwhile, Aly yells, ‘You are doing your thing, let me do mine.’ He gets upset with everyone and leaves. Nikki tells Rubina, ‘Isse haar nahi bardasht ho rahi. Isne dekha na uska sabse kam hai isiliye woh baukhla gaya.’ Paras Chhabra is asked to announce the winner. His decision makes other participants unhappy with him.

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