Drashti Dhami speaks about her diet and much more; read to know

Drashti Dhami is one of the most popular actresses of the television world. She is known for her acting chops and style statements.

The actress, who is also known as Madhubala of the television world, has raised the question that why is it okay for a girl to be thin and not for a man. During an interview, Drashti was told that her best friend Sanaya Irani had revealed having faced body shaming because she had thin arms. Reacting to it, Drashti revealed even she doesn’t understand this concept of shaming people for being thin.

“I hate this concept that our society has. When you see a girl is thin, it is okay; but when you see a man is thin, they will suddenly ask, ‘Itna patla ho gaya?’ They are the same people who are extremely unhealthy. So, now what we do is before anyone can tell us how thin we have become, we counter them to make them shut. A lot of my friends earlier would tell Neeraj that he has lost weight, but I used to barge in the conversation saying it is a healthy weight loss,” Drashti revealed.

About if she would practice any diet, Drashti said, “I don’t follow any diet. I know even if I try, it will last for two days. I would rather just stick to home food and I think that is enough.”

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