Helly Shah makes her dream come true of being a Jalpari

If there were an award for the best stories shared on social media, we would have definitely given it to the actress Helly Shah. She shares the funniest BTS videos from the sets of IMM2. The fans love to see the real fun side of the actress.

The recent story she reposted left us giggling. A portable pool filled with water and inside of it is a big suitcase, and here comes the fun part as to our surprise, she is lying in the big suitcase, in a gorgeous royal green colored dress, sprinkling water on her face with a caption, “making her dream come true, JalPari”. Indeed the actress does know how to entertain on-screen as well as off-screen. Though, this also shows the lengths to which artists go for their audience.

Helly Shah made sure that her fans enjoy the telecast of the show, and the fun happening off the camera also. We hope she keeps blessing our social media feed with these little doses of laughter from the sets of IMM2.

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