I am very grateful to Swastik for giving me divine blessings through this show: Akangsha Rawat on RadhaKrishn

MUMBAI: Television actress Akangsha Rawat, who is playing the mother of Radha in ongoing show RadhaKrishn has shared her take on playing a mom on screen at such a young age. While actresses these days think twice before they take up such roles, Akangsha has no apprehension in playing it as she feels that in mythological serials, the character of a mother is portrayed with a lot of grace.

She further stated that the offer of the serial came at a time when she was emotionally drained and was going through a very bad phase in her life as her mom was seriously ill and had been diagnosed with cancer. That is why she is very grateful to Swastik for giving her the show at the right time. Today, the look of the character has become so popular that dolls been made based on in and being sold in Australia for 30$.

We further asked her how she manages to switch on and switch off from the character as she is very modern in her personal life. She said that initially, it was very tough for her, as she has to be very careful about her on-screen image. She had to play a mother, which is she is no in real life, and she faced a lot of problems while relating to the feeling of being one. Her inspiration came from her mom. With time, it was easy for her to switch off and switch on.

We asked her if she was afraid of getting typecast. She said that she is getting new offers that are in roles other than that of a mother. She has been offered negative and lead roles, which clearly indicate that the industry is progressing and you have the freedom to do roles that you like. She believes that actors do not get typecast now, and she doesn’t mind playing a mother all over again.

When asked her if she is interested in doing any reality show, the actress said that she is more than happy to be a part of a reality show. She added that if she would be a part of Bigg Boss, it would be superb, as her life is already surrounded by a lot of controversies, and the audience will have a lot of fun.

What’s her message for fans? She said that she would like to tell all the young women and girls that they should be independent and stand on their own feet. Marriage and love are important, but it is equally important to be independent in life.

Good luck, Akangsha.

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