I find it exhausting actually to obsess over looks : Akangsha Rawat

A lot of actors along with the common men are home quarantined.

Three months ago, when things were normal, the actors were busy with shoot schedules and they couldn’t find time to pursue the hobbies they always wished to. But the lockdown made their dreams come true. Not only did they pursue other things which they liked but also spent quality time with their loved ones. They also engaged with the media interactions held online giving out their personal secrets like how they are spending their quarantine time among the many other things.

Well, one actress among them is Akangsha Rawat. There were several questions asked during a live session but she could not answer some of them. She hence took to social media to share a few answers asked by her fans. She mentioned: There were alot of questions during live on Fitness Routine, Skin care, how to become an actor etc. Could not answer them all, So answering them here!

Loosing weight/Fitness/looks – I have personally never cared much about physical appearance in Real life, u saw how Raw my live was, i find it exhausting actually to obsess over looks , even in others i focus or what they are as a person oppose to how they look or dress up etc (i find 6 lack abs repulsive in men honestly ). Then why am i so thin right now? Well my new show requires me to wear a Kanchuki, if i am not so thin, I wld look obscene in that costume so i have to maintain this shape, same is the case with most male actors, they are forced to get abs, using not so natural methods, as the job demands it!

What YOU all should aim at is not this my darlings, aim for good health, mental & physical, aim to avoid packed, junk & outside food. Aim to love ur bodies, whatever shape, height, color they are! Aim to work on urslef, ur skills, knowledge about the world, Travel! Believe me, if i were not an actress, i wld be 10-15kgs happily heavier yet healthier!! Giving a damn about what people think! Someone who values the way u are from the inside will not care about looks. So my suggestion is YES be presentable but never obsess over physical appearance

Acting Career – it feels good to see so many of you aspire to be actors but It worries me when some of you share how u want to leave ur studies or cities, come to Mumbai to become an actor. You are most welcome! Bt Please finish ur studies first please work on ur overall development. you will need it as an actor too! Most great actors i know are very well educated, knowledgeable & emotionally very mature, these attributes help them perform better. Acting is an extremely challenging profession, apart from acting talent, u need super human qualities & personal skill to survive here, education will help u gain many!
Lastly I deeply care for all of you, i have received alot of LOVE from you all here For this i am really Grateful You are my Insta family! I love you all (Do share your views & ask more questions if you have, i will try to answer).

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