I have always said no when it comes to repeating the character- Rati Pandey

For an actor the character they play defines them. Some actors love to do the roles they are comfortable with and some try to do something new every time. Actress Rati Pandey who is currently seen in Dangal’s Devi Adi Parashakti has shared her views about actors getting typecasted and her way of choosing a role.

Calling it as an individual’s choice Rati says, “I have always said no when it comes to repeating the character. Maybe that’s why I never got typecasted. I have always believed in coming up with a raw character and something I have never done before. I have been fortunate enough to opt for different characters. From daily soaps to reality TV to periodic drama and now a mythological show, I have done it all and broken the rules. Typecasting doesn’t really apply to me and it depends on every individual how they take it up.”

Well to each his own, and we cannot wait to see what new Rati has to offer us!

Tune in to Dangal TV’s Devi Adi Prashakti from Monday to Saturday at 9pm to know more.

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