Juhi Parmar would love to play more negative characters!

MUMBAI: Actress Juhi Parmar, who was last seen in Shani, is now back with Tantra. Juhi will be seen in the show playing young mother Sumati, who is the binding factor amongst all the members in the house. While its Juhi’s first stint in the supernatural genre, the actress of course has dabbled in most other genres saas–bahu ones and reality shows to mythology. While typecasting is a major issue in television, Juhi has always broken stereotypes and done varied work. Speaking about her last negative role, Juhi says, ‘When I had played Kumkum for 7 years, a lot of people told me that with such an innocent face, I will never be able to get a negative role, leave alone play a negative character convincingly. I took that as a challenge, as I was not only offered a negative role but I got fabulous feedback for my character in Shani. And now, I am back to playing a positive role in Tantra. The challenge is in breaking these stereotypes and getting into the skin of new characters with every project.’

Speaking more about the challenge that comes with playing a negative role, Juhi quips, ‘I completely enjoyed exploring grey shades with my character of Sandhya in Shani! I just loved it, and I will be more than happy to explore more negative roles in the future. It’s a lot more fun to do as you have a larger horizon when it comes to playing a negative role on screen.’

Tantra is a supernatural, and we hear that she herself is a horror buff. Juhi shares, ‘I personally love watching the horror and supernatural genre; hence, I am quite excited to try this genre out for the first time. And since it is picking up a lot on the small screen at the moment, I think we definitely are coming up with one at the perfect time.

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