Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 fame Adaa Khan: I am happy doing TV

Adaa Khan, who is currently seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi 10, recently spoke to a media portal about her career, being on social media, and more.

The actress said, ‘I have never been social media friendly but now, I have to be active as my work demands it. I am in a profession where talking to fans and sending out messages is important. I have to interact and tell the world what I am doing. It has become like a responsibility where you have to be vocal about many things and give your opinions. If I would have not been in the industry, I would have not been on social media.’

When asked if she feels the pressure of getting certain number of followers on social media, the diva said, ‘I am a person who is content with what I have. I never compare myself with anyone in terms of who is growing and getting bigger than me in anyway, not just social media followers. Just like I am happy doing TV. There are people who come and tell me, “vo wahan phauch gayi usne ye film karli” but it doesn’t matter to me. I feel until and unless you are happy with what you doing and happy about it you will not get peace.’

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