Let’s take a look at the top Hollywood actress who rejected iconic roles in well-acclaimed Hollywood movies

Once we watch a movie with a certain actor in it, we cannot imagine any other actor being approached for the same. For example, can you imagine someone else as Hermoine other than Emma Watson in the Harry Potter series? No right?

Well, there is a long list of actresses who have rejected some unbelievable roles, which we are sure even they must be regretting about later.

Would La La Land be the same if Emma Watson would portray Mia? Would the chemistry between her and Ryan Gosling have the same magic on us? Well, that no one can tell. But, what we know is that a different Emma was originally reported to star in the Oscar-nominated musical La La Land, but Watson was unable to take on the role due to her commitment to Beauty and the Beast. What a loss we must say!

Emily Blunt came very close to starring as one of the ‘Avengers’ when she was cast in Iron Man 2 for Black Widow’s first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, scheduling issues with the movie Gulliver’s Travels led to her dropping out. We would say that it’s a shame the two of them couldn’t work together.

When it was announced that Paul Feig would be directing an ‘all-female’ version of Ghostbusters, the internet was flooded with articles dreaming up the perfect cast. Even original star Bill Murray voiced his picks through a list that included Emma Stone. Feig apparently agreed, as Stone later revealed she’d turned down a role in the movie after starring in The Amazing Spider-Man. Although she found the script funny, it just didn’t feel like the right time for her as she said.

Lastly, who would possibly want to reject a role in the iconic love saga Titanic? Well, Gwyneth Paltrow did so and we are so confused if it was a good or bad decision? Coz now I can only see Kate as Jack’s Rose and no one else. After confessing to Howard Stern in 2015 that she declined a part in Boogie Nights, Paltrow attempted to evade discussion of passing on Rose’s iconic role in Titanic.

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