Love, Trust aur Dhokha: Wave of confusion hits Love School S4

MUMBAI: Loyalty, trust and compatibility play a crucial role in every relationship. While love has conquered all in Love School S4, these elements continue to change the dynamics, each day. This week was no different, but a lot more dramatic that lead to a series of revelations. While sudden closeness between Ramiz & Gizelle have left Rishab & Gunjan shocked, a heartfelt segment called ‘Confessions’ introduced by Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar leave everyone surprised and shocked. The contestants confess some disturbed incidents from the past that will melt your heart.

The contestants also write a letter to their partners, penning down whatever holds them back and shedding all inhibitions. Amidst the vote out night, Mukkta slaps Sagar because of his changing priorities, with each passing day.

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