Mujhse Shaadi Karoge fame Mayur Verma opens up about his equation with Jasleen

Mayur Verma was recently seen in Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. He recently spoke to a media portal about his experience in the show and his bond with Jasleen.
How was the experience throughout the show?

It was a really good experience. The 1.5 months in the show went really well, and I reached till the end. The memories have been great with Shehnaz.

Did you ever feel that Shehnaz didn’t consider your efforts as much?

It’s nothing like that. See, Shehnaz told us on the 3rd or 4th day that in any show, you can get attracted to anyone; it can be friendship or love. So she told us this before itself, and we respect that. My efforts were considered, because if you watch the show, everywhere she has said that Mayur is always there for me 24/7.

Your equation with Jasleen was more hyped. Tell us about that.

With Jasleen, I bonded really well on the first day, and it was such a bond that seemed different to people. I even held Jasleen’s hand, kissed her forehead, and hugged her. I spent so much time with her that I didn’t do with anyone else apart from Shehnaz.

But the girls in the house were such that they told Paras that even though Jasleen has come for you, she’s having an affair with Mayur, which is entirely wrong.

Just because I held a girl’s hand or kissed her forehead doesn’t mean that I love her. It can even mean friendship or attraction or liking, but that was not love. It’s a friendship that will remain forever.

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