Neha Kakkar has an emotional moment on India’s Best Dancer

Sony Entertainment Television’s India’s Best Dancer is winning the audience’s hearts with its unique content and exceptional performances by the top contestants. This weekend, the show will welcome super-talented singer Neha Kakkar and actor Sunny Kaushal for its Retro special episode. Neha and Sunny had a great time watching some phenomenal acts by the contestants who performed on the hits tracks of the early eras of Bollywood.

The audience will witness engaging moments, a lot of banter and entertainment on India’s Best Dancer this weekend. Neha will also enthrall the judges and contestants with her singing. However, it was one special moment in the show that will remain etched in Neha’s memory. The choreographers had curated a special act for Neha on her famous tracks. They surprised her by performing on all her blockbuster songs. Looking at their tribute for her, Neha couldn’t hold back her tears.

Neha, who gave a standing ovation to them, said, “I don’t know what to say. Usually, we all give tribute to the legends, even when someone comes on Indian Idol, we all pay a tribute to them. And now a small girl like me who gets so much of love and affection, I consider myself lucky. I am here because of all of you, and the audience who showers us with so much love. I have over 45 million followers on Instagram and when I see that I feel emotional and I must have done some good karma. All these contestants and choreographers came individually on the stage and performed for me; it made my life. I am so glad that all you, supremely talented people performed for me on my songs. I would like to thank SonyTV for this tribute.”

Nora Fatehi said, “I see myself in them as artists. We are all performers here, but there is something magical in Neha’s voice, it does something to us as artists. There are a lot of singers who have amazing voice, but you have something else which is unexplainable. I can sit and compliment you, but I can’t find an adjective to describe you, and how brilliant your voice is. When I perform on your songs there is so much energy. I feel lucky that I have been chosen to perform on her songs. Whenever I get a song, I get very excited knowing that it’s Neha’s as we know it will be a big hit and that I will be performing on a beautiful voice, not all artists get a chance to do that. She just mentioned that tributes are given to legends, but she is already a legend. She has literally put India on a map. Whenever I travel around the world, I always get to listen to Saaki, Dilbar, Ek to Kam Zindagani, and these are non-Hindi speaking countries, who listen to Neha’s songs. You are an icon and you have created records.” An emotional Neha shared, “I am a big fan of Nora and even my family knows it. The way you have performed on my songs, I haven’t seen anyone performing like the way you do, you are the best. I love Nora.”

Watch Retro special on India’s Best Dancer this Sunday, 8PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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