RadhaKrishn is pure unadulterated love, unlike today’s physical, selfish, and conditional romance: Akangsha Rawat

Akangsha Rawat, who made her comeback with Star Bharat’s show Radhakrishn, is enjoying her character as Queen Kirtida, mother of Radha, who is born blind.

Akangsha is quite happy with her role. She said, ‘For the first time, there is a show from Radha’s point of view. We all know about Krishna’s family, but through this show, people will know who Kirtida was, her struggles, and her life. RadhaKrishn, unlike normal mythos, does not have many characters. Rather, the story revolves around Radha, her folks, and Krishna. Even the plot lines are much more about everyday issues.’

Akangsha, who recently got out of her abusive marriage with actor Piyush Sachdev, told us about the love between Radha and Krishna. She shared, ‘It is pure unadulterated love and unlike today’s physical, selfish, and conditional romance. This starts with attraction, goes into a habit, attachment, and ends with hatred and often deceit. Although Radha was married to someone else, her love for Krishna was pure, as it was not carnal but devotional. Such love cannot exist today between a man and woman, given our conditioning. The love between a parent and child is the only relationship today that might compare to Radha and Krishna’s equation, given its selfless nature.’

RadhaKrishn is Akangsha’s first mythological show and the most challenging one. She needs to regularly travel to Gujarat. About the language, she added, ‘You can’t improvise, as it happens with normal daily soaps. But here, you have to very careful with your words, the tone of your words, and your body language.’

Akangsha, who began her career with lead roles in shows like Solhah Singaarr and Palampur Express and has done many ad films, is surely back with a bang.

Here’s wishing her good luck!

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