Shilpa Shinde fans apologise to Hina Khan for not supporting her

MUMBAI: Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan were the two most talked about contestants of the Bigg Boss 11 house. The two never got along during the show, and their fans also seemed to be fighting it out.

Bigg Boss 11 saw Shilpa as the winner and Hina as the second runner-up. Shilpa won the show through live voting as she got maximum votes from the audiences, and it seems the fans who supported Shilpa have realised their mistake and are now supporting and apologizing to Hina for not supporting her during the show.

One of the strongest clubs we have in recent times has always grabbed every opportunity to cheer for their beloved star and criticise the other. In fact, the hatred was still going strong a year after Shilpa’s win and Hina was pulled down for being an arrogant contestant inside the BB house until today.

This sudden change has come because of the harsh words Shilpa used against the Bigg Boss 12 contestants recently, and since then her fans are questioning their loyalty. They are wondering if their decision to support Shilpa against Hina was even worth it!

Well, this is quite alarming for Shilpa who was blessed to have such a strong fan base. It is high time she sat back and thought what went wrong and remembered all the things she said recently.

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