Ssharad Malhotra and his wife Ripci celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this year by selling earthen lamps

Star Bharat’s ‘Musakaan’ show is known to be the audiences favourite. In most recent times, viewers are witnessing many twists and turns in the show. Ssharad Malhotra (Raunak), who plays the lead actor in this show, got married this year and this is his first Diwali with his wife Ripci Bhatia. It is said that both of them have celebrated Diwali in a very special way.

This Diwali Ssharad mentioned that he has stayed away from firecrackers and has celebrated Diwali in an ecofriendly manner with his wife Ripci. Ssharad also mentioned that he had planned many suprises for Ripci this year.

Talent actor Ssharad mentions “we should try to make Diwali good for other too. Instead of polluting the environment by bursting firecrackers and increasing harm factors for other sick people, animals. We should buy soil lamps and distribute it amongst people. In such a situation, we can help ourselves celebrate a beautiful Diwali. I have done the same this time, so that I can give my contribution”.

Ssharad’s fans will not only get impressed but also take inspiration from this work done. To know more about Ssharad’s character as Raunak…

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