Synopsis Day 5: Bigg Boss throws a new ‘bomb’ on the housemates

With a dramatic end to this season’s first captaincy task, the contestants woke up to ‘Hum Tum Ek Kamre Me Bandh Ho’, unaware of what awaits them. Seeing the results of the captaincy task, the contestants have already started plotting on how to annoy the new captain – Kriti and Roshmi. The first ones to take a dig at them were the Khan sisters who were never happy with Kriti and Roshmi being the captain.

Taking advantage of v, Kriti has already started throwing tantrums and bossing the other contestants. With a stern voice, she commanded tea to be served to her and this offended Srishty and Sabha. Not able to take this drama, Sabha got into a brawl with Kriti saying that this is not the way to talk to anybody. This effected Srishty so much that she got a little teary eyed and indulged in a heart rendering conversation with Deepak and Urvashi. V

Before the day could come to an end, Bigg Boss threw another bomb on the housemates called the ‘Kaalkhothri’. As a part of this, the contestants had to nominate one Jodi and one single contestant to go in the Kaalkothri as a punishment. Another round of indecisiveness and arguments prevailed in the house as the house mates couldn’t arrive at a logical conclusion. Trying to handle the situation, Romil – Nirmal and Karanvir Bohra modestly said they want to go to the kaalkothri. But their modesty led them into major trouble as Bigg Boss added a new twist by directly nominating them for the next week’s evictions.

Will the contestants be more careful next time before making any decision?

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