Synopsis Day 68: Surbhi turns out to be a biased Captain

MUMBAI: leader is considered brilliant when he/she stands up for the right. But, all seems to be different when it comes to the Bigg Boss house. As the week comes to an end, it was time to punish the three most disobedient contestants and send them to the Kaalkothri. Instead of unanimously deciding the 3 contestants who will be going to the Kaalkothri, the housemates were given a task that would decide their fates. In the garden area, there were earthen pots kept which each contestants name, except Surbhi as she is the captain for this week. There was a platform kept near the pots and whoever reached the platform on the ring of the buzzer, had the chance to nominate the contestant of their choice. They had to give their reasons and fill the pot with water and whoever’s pot started overflowing from the hole was sent to the kaalkothri. Being the captain of the house, Surbhi had the opportunity to go the platform thrice and cast her nomination, others could only go once.

Romil and Surbhi nominated Megha for being rude to Deepak earlier this week. Megha accepted it and went to the jail. Surbhi next targeted Jasleen and gave the reason that she is over dramatic and does antics only for footage. This made Jasleen upset and she could not believe that Surbhi could give such a petty reason just to save her friends. Dipika was also upset with Surbhi’s decision and thought that she was misusing her power. She also said that Surbhi should stop bragging about being unbiased because even she plays mind games.

Is this Happy Club’s new trick to get Sreesanth to become aloof? Will this strategy work in their favour or backfire?

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