Teejay Sidhu talks about Shilpa Shinde’s nasty tweet

MUMBAI: During the Bigg Boss Family Special Week, the contestants get a chance to meet their close ones. Karanvir’s wife Teejay Sidhu will be seen with her daughters Bella and Vienna. Before entering the house, Teejay had an interaction with media where she was questioned about her open letter and Shilpa Shinde’s tweet on her.

Teejay answered that the open letter is a closed topic for her and that the show has much more to be focused on.

Teejay’s reply for Shilpa’s tweet was everyone has the right to give an opinion. Further, she added that she has been part of the TV industry for 10 years and focusing on everything will not work in life.

She also mentioned that she is very nervous as the show is nearing its finale and that she wants her husband Karanvir to win the show.

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