THIS is what Shehnaaz would be doing if she wasn’t an actress

Bigg Boss 13 is doing extremely well for itself, the show has finally made to the TOP 10 shows when it comes to TRP ratings and that’s because of the content. Every contestant in the show is strong and is playing the game well.

Shehnaz who is one the strongest contestant in the house and who is loved by one and all, before entering the house itself Shehnaz had a massive fan following and the actress is loved by one and all, she is one of the few contestants in the Bigg Boss house who gets along with everyone, and who is loved by all the contestants?

She is grabbing the headlines these days for her friendship with Siddarth Shukla and their pair is loved by the audience and the viewers, the audience fondly call them Sidnaaz.

Now there is a video doing the rounds where you can see Shehnaaz having a conversation with Rashami, where the latter asks if she wasn’t an actress then what she would be to which the actress said that she would have been married and would be having kids and sending them at home, she also said that she is not that type of a girl who can sit at home as she needs to work, as her career is very important.

Well, there is no doubt that the actress is very popular even before she came into the Bigg Boss house but post her stint in the house the actress as gained a massive fan following.

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