TV celebs celebrates Bappa’s arrival with much fanfare

The festival of Ganpati is here and our favourite telly actors tell us how they celebrate these days and what Ganpati means to them!

Aanand Goradiya: This is the third year that I am keeping Ganpati at my place. I have an emotional connect with Bappa as my wife and I had decided that we will getGanpati when we buy our own home. Besides that, Ganeshji has been my favourite God since childhood. I talk to him like he is a human being. The fervour of the festival is visible all over India.

Shivin Narang: I don’t get Ganpati at home but I do go to Lalbaugh if I get time. The festive atmosphere is quite cool. Mumbai comes alive during Ganpati. I have never seen such huge Ganpatis, bigger than Lalbaugh Da Raja. I feel positive. God is everywhere. Insaniyaat is necessary in everyone. Jindagi bahut khoobsoorat hai Jeene Ka Salika Aana Chhaiye

Jasmin Bhasin – During Ganpati, I go to Lal Baug for darshan and visit my friends who keep Ganpati at home. I don’t get Ganpati at home because of my work timings. I feel I won’t be able to take proper care of Bappa. He is my guide, my guardian angel. I felt his presence the day I landed the first time in Mumbai. It was the last day of Ganpati and I got blessings from him the moment I stepped in the city.

Vahbbiz Dorabajee – I do not get Ganpati at home though it’s a wish and hopefully someday I would. On the first day of the festival, I visit everybody’s home and that’s my most favourite thing to do. I meet my friends and see different kinds of Ganpati idols. Bappa’s role is very big in my life because he has helped me so much.

Sheeba – Ganeshji has been coming to my house for the longest time. It’s been 21 years now and Ganpati is celebrated with great festivity at my place. We keep it for one and a half days and I have lots of family and friends over. There is 24 hours darshan at my place and even at night I sit with him. I don’t sleep till he is in the house. He is the beginning of everything and he starts the whole year on a fantastic note. I take his name before everything else. He is a happy God and makes everyone happy. I connect with him on a one-on-one basis.

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