Valentine’s Day: Celebrate the day with your family, friends, urge single TV actors

Who says Valentine’s Day is only a day for lovers to express their feelings, even families go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day. TV actor give their take on the same!

Arun Mandola: Yes, that’s true. The new generation is celebrating Valentine’s Day in their own style. It is no more just a day to be spent with your partner. This time I am going to Delhi to celebrate Valentine’s with my family. I am lucky that I am part of a new Bharat.

Dipna Patel: Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love and love is the most beautiful emotion in the world. In India, there is no freedom to express romantic love, especially in smaller cities and towns. People hide and meet their partners. I feel that this needs to change. However, the concept of joint families is prevalent in India and the entire family goes out together on Valentine’s Day, which is amazing.

Aastha Chaudhary: Valentine’s Day is basically a day to express love. It’s not necessary that only couples will celebrate this day, you can celebrate it with your family and friends too. People like me, who are single, can go out with friends. You can plan to have a fun outing with your family too. Valentine’s Day is a festival of love. I won’t be celebrating this day with anyone as all the places are full on the 14of the February. It is so tough to find a place anywhere.

Rahul Sharma: My take on Valentine’s Day is that it is a day of love. Love can be there with lots of people, and not just with your spouse or partners. Most of the people spend their day with their loved ones. If you don’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, then you can definitely go out with someone whom you like, they can be your friends or your parents or your siblings. I don’t believe that only this particular day is the day of love. This year, I will not be free because I will be shooting. If I am not, then I will spend the day with me itself.

Adaa Khan: I agree Valentine’s Day is no more a girl and boy for me it’s like a friendship day only. I like to spend time with my friends, who are mostly not from the industry.

Shashank Vyas: Valentine’s Day means the celebration of love and love can be in any form. You can love your brother, sister, father and mother. You don’t need one day to express love, love is forever and a permanent thing. It’s all about the feeling and emotions you feel for another human being.

Jasmin Bhasin: Love is something unconditional, which you feel for another human being. Love is not just a romantic feeling, it can be any form of love that involves pure feelings and emotions. I would go out with friends for dinner.

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