Whenever I feel low, I watch Govinda’s movies and they instantly lighten up my mood: Shakti Mohan

The living legend, an iconic dancer Govinda who is one of the most effortless and versatile performer on screen has won millions of hearts with his flawless performance. He has legions of admirers across globe of all age groups, and Dance Plus’ judge Shakti Mohan is one of them.

Recently Govinda was seen on Dance +4 as a guest judge, and everyone was in an awe of seeing him including Shakti. Shakti who couldn’t contain her excitement shared, “No matter how tired I get after a hectic day or if I feel low, watching Govinda sirs’ movies makes me forget all my worries and simply just makes my day. She further added, “He is a true performer and a King of dance, comedy and acting. It is like a dream come to true to perform with him. I have been a huge fan ever since and I cannot express my feelings on sharing the stage with him. I am just so grateful and overwhelmed at the moment.”

Shakti’s dream of performing with Govinda has come true and there is no one like Govinda to give positive feelings to people around him. Watch Hero No. 1 and the ace dancer Shakti Mohan light up the stage with their marvelous performance!!

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