Checkout YRKKH fame Shivangi Joshi’s on-screen character development from Naira to Sirat

Actress Shivangi Joshi debuted on the small-screen with Sony channel’s Parvarrish – Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi but had a negligible part to portray. Next, she featured in 2013’s show Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi, which aired on Zee TV. She portrayed the character of Nisha herein.

Thenafter, she play Aayat Haider’s character in Beintehaa. In 2015, she played her first promising on-screen role of Poonam Thakur in &TV’s Begusarai, opposite telly actor Vishal Aditya Singh. She became a household showbiz face post-featuring in this show.

After doing small roles here and there, Shivangi finally bagged her break-through role of Naira Goenka in Star Plus’ and the entire television industry’s longest-running show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Her role is paired opposite to telly actor Mohsin Khan’s on-screen character in the show – Kartik.

Now, let’s take a note of how Shivangi’s Naira flourished with time and established her permanent mark in the heart of the show’s audience and she continues doing the same as Naira’s replaced new character – Sirat Shekhawat.

Years later after a teenage Naira eloped to Rishikesh, Shivangi marked her entry into the show as an adult Naira, who was a headstrong but insecure and an arrogant girl, who took shelter in an orphanage in Rishikesh. Before she could reunite with her mother Akshara (the show’s original protagonist) or her family – the Singhanias, she bumped into a young guy named Kartik Goenka, who is a positive man. Right after that, she even meets Akshara through an donation scheme for the orphanage.

On heading back to Udaipur, she easily accepts every other members in her family, except for her own mother. Coincidentally, even Kartik came down to Udaipur and stayed with the Singhanias post-getting employed under Naira’s father Naitik.

Now, with progressive interaction, Naira and Kartik turn into friends and eventually, Naira accepts Akshara as her mother. Right after that, despite rejecting Kartik’s first proposal, Naira finally realises and acknowledges her hidden love for Kartik. After Akshara’s death which is followed by a new family drama, Kartik gets accepted as the Singhania family’s future son-in-law.

With Naira’s real advent into womanhood, she finally ties the knot with Kartik in their grand wedding ceremony. With time, Naira’s compassion helped Kartik overcome his hatred towards his own father Manish and step-mother Suvarna and she gets to fulfil her parent’s dream by opening a dance academy.

With the sudden divorce-track of Kartik-Naira following Manish-Suvarna’s biological son Shubham’s death, Naira leaves her in-laws and settles in Mumbai. Two years later, amid their divorce proceedings, both Kartik and Naira enroll themselves into a college as a professor and a student respectively. Despite parting ways with Kartik legally and permanently, Suvarna realises Naira’s innocence and helps the duo to reunite. After asserting back her position as the Goenka family’s daughter-in-law, it gets revealed that Naira’s suffering from brain tumour. However, she gets saved by a surgery, post-which she remarries Kartik.

With Naira’s first round of pregnancy drama, she takes charge of the Goenka’s family business and asserts independence. However, this churns up insecurities amid the duo for a third man and catering to further misunderstandings, a pregnant Naira recollects her old fears and in her pursuit of fleeing away, she meets with an accident. Owing to this, the Goenkas consider Naira to be dead.

5 years later, we see how Naira turns into a more responsible individual as a single-mother by taking the all the responsibilities of her son Kairav’s sole-upbringing. This mother-son duo now reside in Goa who, due to awkward series of events, had to fly back to Udaipur and occasionally, reunite with Kartik, the Goenkas and the Singhanias. In this phase, Naira’s strong motherly instincts and a way more confident compassion has been highlighted upon.

With more twists and Naira’s third pregnancy drama, she finally delivers a baby girl in the presence of Kartik and her entire family. The duo name their daughter Akshara. Around this time, Naira’s bravery and her capability of taking upon unforeseen challenges without the urge of running away has been shown, representing that she has come a long way and can strongly take a stand for herself and her loved ones without any second thoughts.

After sometime, owing to fateful series of incidents, the entire Goenka family meets with a deadly accident, but everybody manages to survive the mishap except Naira. Post the declaration of the same once again, fate unites Kartik and Kairav with a random small-town female boxer from Rishikesh, who happens to be an exact doppleganger of Naira, but with a different name and past. Her name is Sirat Shekhawat and she aspires to be the next Mary Kom of India. Devoid of compassion and over-saturated with pain, Sirat reminds us of the initial days of a bachelor Naira’s attitude before meeting Kartik, but, with a more tom-boyish attitude and absolutely no heed towards self-care. Emphasising on her nature as a survivor and a fighter, all she endorses is sheer confidence and never hesitates from spitting the truth. She lacks Naira’s charm and virtues and even sports short hair. However, post meeting Sirat, Kartik is again doing his part in feeding her with the same confidence and compassion that he earlier did for Naira.

Now, things are taking a similar turn for Sirat-Kartik’s story as the Goenkas are trying to unite them for the sake of Kartik’s children. Will Sirat be able to develop Naira’s motherly instincts towards Kartik’s children?

Keep watching Star Plus’ one of the most popular and longest shows Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai to unfold Sirat’s next set of characteristics that would be defined by the show’s next plot.

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