This is what Jannat Zubair has to say about people judging her for being reserved

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is one of the most popular faces on the small screens. The actress started off her acting journey as a child artist and has now come a long way in her career.

The diva is one and the only actress of the telly world to have such a huge fan following. Jannat Zubair’s popularity is rising with every passing day.

The actress was last seen in the show Tu Aashiqui which aired on Colors and the diehard fans are missing Jannat ever since then.

Though Jannat kept herself away from acting, she was seen in various projects which included music videos. Jannat’s music videos proved to be a major hit among the fans.

Jannat is one and the only actress in the Telly world to have a whopping 27.5 million followers. The actress has achieved this milestone at such a young age.

Well, we have seen how celebs receive both praises and criticisms from their fans for various things.

In one of her interviews, Jannat was asked about her reserved nature and that people might judge her for the same and if that might affect her career.

The actress said, ”No, I don’t think that way. I am like this since my childhood. People think that I am arrogant because I don’t get along that well. I tend to sit in my room once I am done with my work.”

Jannat further added, ”People have this misconception about me. In fact, the ones who don’t know me definitely think that I have too much attitude.”

The Phulwa actress further says that just because she is a bit reserved her work won’t get affected at all.

Well said, Jannat!

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